Working with Git submodules

I often struggle when working with Git Submodules, so here’s a quick primer with all the important information you need! Adding Submodules to your project git submodule add repo_url [directory] git commit -m 'added xyz as a dependency' git submodule add works like git clone, so the directory name can be ommited. The changes will automatically be added to the index, so you can commit them right away!

GIT delete remote branch

Because I forget EVERY TIME! delete local branch git push origin :deleted_branch (or vice versa) It’s so easy!

Continuous Deployment with Github Pages

Or how to let Travis-CI merge into master if the build is successful. It is way easier than I thought. Prerequisites The travis gem Travis-CI integration up and running (ie .travis.yml is set up). Step 1: Acquire Github Access Token This is required because we don’t want to write our Github username and password anywhere. Go to your Github Application Settings and create a new Token. Step 2: Encrypt the token Even the Token is not something to post on your Twitter.