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Extractig Generic Substates in Axum

  3 minute read  #rust  #axum

In this post I'll show you how to extract a generic substate in Axum handlers, without resorting to dynamic dispatch.

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Developing NixOS (and Home Manager) Modules

  4 minute read  #nixos  #nix

If you use NixOS or Home Manager, chances are that you have (unknowingly) created a NixOS module. In this post, I'll document my learnings around how they work, and how to easily test them in isolation.

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NixOS on Hetzner Dedicated

  16 minute read  #nixos  #hetzner

As it is currently fashionable for the Nerd interested in all things Nix(OS), I have set up my own NixOS Server on Hetzner Dedicated. I'll first go over the setup details, and then describe how I set everything up. Unfortunately, Documentation around the Nix ecosystem is pretty "meh" (being used the high quality of documentation in the Rust ecosystem), so maybe this helps someone else along the way.

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Kubernetes resource management and you

  10 minute read  #kubernetes

Scheduling and resource management is a topic many Kubernetes users seem to struggle with, even though it is vital to understand it and correctly configure your workload to ensure optimal resource usage and application availability. In this article, I'll explain what scheduling and resource management exactly is, how you configure and use them, and go into some best practices.

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Continuously Deploying DNS records with DnsControl and CircleCI

  3 minute read  #dns  #ci/cd

In the previous post, I gave a quick introduction to DnsControl, what it does and how it works. In this post, I'll show you how to continuously deploy your changes to Google Cloud DNS using CircleCI.

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